How long does the procedure last?
Typically, the treatment of one small area takes 15 minutes to perform. The lower abdomen and flanks can take a bit longer, at around 1 hour to complete. Procedure times can vary and some patients may desire multiple treatments to achieve their aesthetic goals.


The procedure feels like a hot stone massage.  The three different hand pieces are applied differently depending on the needs of your particular anatomy.  Each treatment cycle is 15 minutes, however, for example, the whole abdomen can be treated with 6 applicators in a single 15 minute cycle. 


The skin will be slightly red at the end of the treatment, this will resolve within 2 to 3 hours, there is generally no pain, no limitation of activity and no down time with this procedure. 

No side effects have been noted with this particular procedure.

Results will not be seen immediately; the body will immediately begin to breakdown and flush out the remnants of the destroyed fat cells, however, the improvement in contour and skin contraction will take at least 6 to 8 weeks to be noticeable and will be optimum at 12 weeks post treatment.

Some areas may require only one treatment, some areas may require two to three treatments to obtain optimum results. 

Your body's immune system breaks down and flushes out the dead fat cells after the TruSculpt iD treatment.  You are encouraged to keep well hydrated to optimize the treatment and post treatment to help the body flush out the destroyed fat cells.  8-10  eight ounce glasses of water daily with provide that hydration.

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