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COVID-19 Update

Last updated 1.1.23


COVID is still here, along with the flu and RSV.  We, at RiverSong continue to use and encourage masks at all times in the office to protect everyone from getting ill.

Due to aerosol spread, masks are the first line of defense.  A properly placed mask helps prevent you from projecting virus particles (if present) toward other people and helps prevent you from breathing in particles put “out there” by other people.  The mask must completely cover the nose and mouth to work properly.  We understand that it is hard to breath and to talk and sometimes it’s hard to hear and information may need to be repeated.  A poorly positioned mask is as good as no mask at all.

​Hand washing or sanitizing the hands frequently is important so people do not get the viral particles on hands and transmit to the face.  Do not forget cell phones—they are dirty, and you should clean them as often as you clean your hands.

Today’s new normal is vastly different because of Covid-19, increased rates of flu and RSV.  We take all these issues seriously and are working collaboratively with all parties to provide medical and elective care that is safe for all parties.

If you have any questions or concerns, please call the office for more information at 978-462-8300.

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